Local man and winner of the 6th Annual Sontag Entrepreneurship Award, Cody Grimes, is making math fun for a group of second-graders at Lemelson Stem Academy in Reno.

Grimes used some of the $50,000 from that award to buy 30 completely new tablets so local students can continue testing out his app called eBravium. It requires kids to solve math problems before they can play games on the tablet. 

Students from two, second-grade classrooms at Lemelson have been testing the app for about two years now, since Grimes first created it. Now, with the new tablets and app improvements, Grimes is ls looking to expand the testing to sixth-graders, next week. 

Teachers at Lemelson have been using the app as a 15-minute warm-up before their math lessons. They say it helps to get the kids' wheels turning, in such a way that they don't even realize they're learning. Grimes, co-founder of eBravium adds, "A lot of these students don't realize that if they earn multiple hours, they're never going to be able to use that time, but the fact they're valuing the time as a reward is kind of a win-win for us because they continue to learn and they're excited about the learning."

The next steps for this program include a commercial release for parents, as well as expanding the academic questions to subjects besides math.