A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno is getting national attention for something that began as a creative outlet. Fil Corbitt produces pod casts - audio recordings available to for all to hear – online.  His unique mix of music and travel caught the attention of the website Buzz Feed, which has described the show as one of the best travel podcasts that will make you want to quit your job.

Well, that's exactly what this UNR grad has done to continue producing that podcast.

We took a listen at http://vansounds.org/ … and if you close your eyes and listen, you can travel the world with Fil Corbitt.

We start in Cuzco; “I walked up a hill, to the bell tower. It was dusk and the clouds faded to blue and I sat on a bench, in a court yard of the church…"

From Cuzco, Peru to Austin, Nevada, Corbitt produces audio recording he refers to as postcards.

"It started in 2013 just as a podcast about music and about traveling," Fil tells us.

You can find Fil's recordings and snap shots online. The podcasts are about the things that inspire Fil. "I was touring with a band, playing drums for them, and I thought I should have a creative outlet that wasn't music, so I just started bringing my radio equipment and interviewing musicians,” he says.

Corbitt is still a musician. 

Recently we caught up with him at Nevada Museum of Art in Reno where his band "People with Bodies" was playing during Teen Art Night. Fil was on drums. His band mate Kent Irwin is singer and songwriter for the band and a contributor to the podcasts.

The two guys have known each other since they were freshman at UNR and now they travel together, gathering interviews. "We’ve met artists, musicians, bar owners in the middle of Nevada - you can always trust Fil to be the person to find the most interesting person wherever you are going," says Irwin.

"I had a normal job for a handful of years and left it to do the podcast - full time - about a year ago now," says Corbitt. After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Fil began working for UNR as a broadcast technician at the university.

And what started as a creative way to pass time is now getting recognition from national magazines like “Outside” and websites like Buzz Feed.

"I think Van Sounds is really picking up speed and I think pretty soon it will be able to not only pay for itself, but pay for me to travel the world and talk to musicians."

Have a listen for yourself at http://vansounds.org/