It is more than a house ...Casa de Vida in Reno provides a home and support services for pregnant young women. For 22-year-old Jasmine, it’s been a life saver; “I would've lost custody of him after he was born and everything", she says of her newborn son.

Her baby boy Collin is now one month old, but when Jasmine found out she was pregnant, she was facing some big challenges. "I was living under the Wells bridge in a tent with my fiancé," says Jasmine.

Jasmine's story is not unique. For 20-year-old Marla, who had been couch crashing for several months when she found out she was expecting, and it took her thoughts to a very dark place. She explains what was on her mind, "Mostly suicide, but - I had a huge depression, but I was able to get over it and I'm doing a lot better now."

Vanessa, a 23-year-old, was bouncing from one family member’s house to another before taking up resident at Casa de Vida, "Just makes me feel a little more confident and secure. And that's all I want in my life and my children's life."

Now these young women get camaraderie, support - emotional and financial and so much  more...a turning point, hope. 

Shawn Vogel is the Executive Director of Casa de Vida; "We are now having our residents stay up to a year following delivery. So that we can help them get everything they need set up, housing, employment.”

A case manager works with the young women, one on one - and in groups, on a regular basis.

From pre-natal care and cooking to child birth classes - the residents don't pay for a thing.  The cost to Casa de Vida is about $1,200 per month, per girl.  Donations are their life blood.  They hold two fundraisers per year; with one next week.

The Mother's Day fundraising luncheon is Thursday, May 4th and the Eldorado. You can call Casa de Vida to make reservations. Call Shawn Vogel at 329-1070 or email

You can also make donations (diapers, formula, baby clothes, maternity items) to Casa de Vida just by dropping by.