The Autonomous Robots Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno celebrated one year today with a free, public event. 

The day began with a live demonstration of drone exploration and mapping. The drone was able to map out the obstacle course that was set out on the floor and transfer that data to a computer. Researchers are ultimately working on having these robots operate without any human interference.

A discussion following the demonstration focused on the latest updates in robotic research. This includes drones that are able to navigate the skies, alone, marine robotics which can travel the seas and waterways, also alone, while detecting changes, such as algae growth, in freshwater ecosystems. 

Kostas Alexis, an Engineering Professor, says it is important to host events like these so students and other community members are aware of the growing technology within robotics and how it can potentially help them in their every day lives. 

Alexis also told us that the main challenge they face with these robotics is not the technology itself, but rather dealing with the complexities of the environment which they navigate.

The Autonomous Robotics Lab plans to host a Robotics Day event once a year.