Fighting cancer is hard enough and house work is the last thing someone wants to do when they're battling the disease. So a local cleaning company is offering up their services for free. 

Jennifer and Jacob Kendrick with J.N.J Home Works partnered up with Cleaning for a Reason, a national organization that offers cleaning services for free to cancer patients. 

One local woman is benefiting from their help.Joselene Rocha lives out in Fernley and she is finally cancer free. But after three rounds of battling the disease, every little bit helps around the house as she recovers. 

"It's like a burden taken off of you," said Rocha. She was first diagnosed with leukemia back in 2008. "That was the hardest one. It was my first one and the hardest one."

Dealing with her cancer diagnosis has filled with one daunting step after another — doctors, surgeries and the emotional struggles. So you can imagine maintaining a household became an exhausting and overwhelming challenge.

"Those are the worst times after you get home and you're looking at everything, wishing oh I had the energy to do that," said Rocha. 

That's why J.N.J Home Works stepped in.

Jacob Kendrick, with J.N.J Home Works said, "We help them out because they can't do it physically. They're too frail, they're too weak or they just don't have the financial means to do it on their own."

The Kendrick's have both lost loved ones to cancer. So to lend a helping hand to people struggling with this disease, means the world to them. 

"The smiles.The laughter. The conversation. Just the thank you's," said Kendrick. 

Each patient is eligible to have their house cleaned once a month for up to four months while they are going through treatment.

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