Words can't describe what a Reno artist and her mom create. 

"A picture is worth a thousand words, and in our case it's the sculpture," said Rachael Lambin, the artist and creator behind "My Thousand Words" book sculptures. It is a new twist on bringing a story to life.

"If we can somehow just make the pages open and let those pages see the light of day," said Rachael. 

Over the last five years, Rachael and Debbie have turned books into art. "Pages from the book is carefully removed to create a unique paper sculpture that brings the book to life! Both artists create unique artwork from books and magazines, by repurposing them bringing their story to life," is how the project is described on their website

"I'd say 200," said Debbie as she guessed the total number of projects they've created since starting five years ago.  

Each one is different... from Harry Potter sculptures, to weddings, girl scouts, animals, food, and more. After they create the sculpture,  they carefully choose the words that are seen on the sculpture.

The Lambins are the only people on the West Coast who do this. There are only a few others in the entire world. 

"I think there's three other people," guessed Rachael. 

Despite how incredible the sculptures are, believe it or not, they do have some critics. 

"Do people get mad that you take pages out of books?" I asked.

"Yes," Debbie laughed. "Yes. You don't even have to finish the question. Yes they do."

However, they usually end up with new fans once they explain why."  

"Would you rather see it being shredded or thrown away? Or would you rather see the story come to life?"

Some projects take up to a month to finish, so of course their relationship has grown in the process.

"We were close," said Debbie. "But we are really close now."

The story of this mother daughter duo is re purposing other stories - one sculpture at a time.

"Books get worn out," explained Rachael. "Books live a life and then they get forgotten or thrown away."

Their work will be displayed at the  ArrowCreek Art Show is July 9, 2017 at the Arrowcreek Golf Club. They we will be at the Discovery Museum teaching children how to create book sculptures on February 11th.