On Saturday, a store made for Lego lovers held its grand opening celebration in south Reno. Bricks and Minifigs is a one stop shop to buy, sell and trade Lego parts and pieces.

John Masek, the president and CEO of the company, turned what was just a small store in Oregon, into a franchise that spreads across 26 different states.

“I mean it was just like wildfire, people were loving it, we were getting families and older people and middle aged, it attracted so many people that we never would’ve expected," says Masek.

Masek says Bricks and Minifigs isn't a mass market store, meaning when people come to buy, trade or sell, they’ll find more than just new sets of Legos.

“What we really try to focus on are used sets all the thousands of mini figures, just loose bulk parts, all the things that people really want in order to make their own things special,” says Masek.

The new store is not just the first of its kind in Reno, but also the first in entire state of Nevada.

The business is located at 18180 Wedge Pkwy. in south Reno.