A few northern Nevadans are behind a new film that focuses on peace, meditation, and enlightenment. It's called Enlightenment Now.

"Enlightenment is getting back to our origins," said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace. 

Shankar is speaking in a documentary all about meditation, and enlightenment.  If you're wondering what enlightenment in this context means...

"We are creating this new potential and fulfilling it," said Steven S. Sadleir. "I call it enlightenment, the world as it could be. Zion." 

Sadleir is a well-known author, and trainer in the movement. He's also the star of the enlightenment now movie. Even though Sadleir is from L.A, the crew is from Reno. 

"They don't feel peace," said Gwen Lentz, Co-Producer of Enlightenment Now. "They don't feel love. They're seeking that."

Lentz, a former C.P.A, is the film's co-producer. In June 2016, she and Sadleir went to India to interview gurus.

"'Gu' stands for ignorance in Sanskrit," said Swami Sukhabodhananda, a well-known spiritual guru . "'Ru' stands for that which dispels ignorance." 

The webmasters in and the film's editors are from northern Nevada. 

"Reno is becoming a hub for this," said Sadleir.

However, he believes the message is universal. 

"And they're waking up to who they are and why they were born," said Sadleir. "But collectively of what we can create together." 

There's a lot of tension in the world today, which is why this movie is so timely. 

"Do you think in January 2017, people need this now more than ever?" I asked. 

"Absolutely," said Lentz. "Two becomes four. Four becomes six. It grows exponentially. That's how we are going to change the world. Exponentially."

To learn more about the film and the movement, here is a link, enlightenmentnow.com.