Snow collecting in trees has been a problem for northern Nevada residents following the last few storms.

The extra pressure that the snow puts on the tree branches can be dangerous to structures, cars and people.

Phil Brazier is a horticulturist with Washoe County who says the thick snow can even cause trees to topple over.

Brazier says the best thing people can do is to remove the snow from branches as it accumulates during a storm. He's even created a device of his own made of PVC pipe that's cheap to make and easy to use.

“It doesn't damage the tree, everything is round, it's soft, they're lightweight, it doesn't take a toll on you, you can handle it, you can work up above your head for a longer period of time and it allows us to be able to get up into a tree, you know 12 to 15 feet,” says Brazier.

Kevin Peters is the owner of Sierra Tree Care in Fernley. He says it often depends on the type and size of the tree, but he says his company has been getting a lot of calls recently from people saying cottonwoods and elms are breaking off because of the snow.

Peters says it’s more dangerous for tree services like his to do preventative measures during a storm, which is why he recommends that people get their trees reduced in weight and pruned well in advance before winter weather hits.

“If you haven't had your tree properly pruned, it puts a lot of weight and stress on the limbs and they can snap and break and if they're hanging over structures or cars it can cause significant damage, so I always recommend that you get your trees pruned every two years," says Peters.