Northern Nevada, Reno in particular, has been one of the hottest real estate markets. There’s been a peak in interest by many in Northern Nevada, largely due to what the area offers. With everything from education to entertainment & anything in between, Northern Nevada has  much to offer. With the increase in demand, many homeowners are wondering if they should sell now. Before you decide, let's get you familiar with the current market trends. By being informed, you will be able to make the most out of your investment and  earn from the sale.

Key Figures You Have Now

Currently, the median home value in Reno is at $300,500. This is reflective of a 14% increase in the value of real estate property in the previous year. With this astounding figure, it is easy to be convinced to sell your property today. In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that the average price will increase by 5.5%, which is another good reason to consider selling. From these values, it is pretty obvious that it is an exciting time for real estate, especially for sellers.

The health of the Reno housing market has been given an impressive rating of 9.8/10. That’s almost a perfect score! What are its implications? This could mean that the market is not only filled with sellers, but also with interested buyers. In spite of the increase in median home values, many home buyers continue to express their interests in Northern Nevada. This is good news for sellers as this could increase confidence in putting up their real estate on the market.

In September, 620 houses have been sold in Reno alone. This is higher than the 590 homes that have were sold in the previous month. These numbers can be encouraging, They could also be indicative of the continuous growth in sales. This increases the likelihood of selling quickly! You just have to approach it in the right way, by hiring the right real estate agent, who will help you find the right buyer.

Selling your Reno Home

If you are considering selling your property, do not make things hard on yourself. Marshall Realty will take the hassle out of listing, making for a smooth process. The company is equipped with a knowledgeable and experienced team who are there to maximize your property’s exposure to potential buyers. From tried and true, to the latest marketing techniques, they utilize every venue  to sell your home in Northern Nevada.