As campaign visits continue in northern Nevada, there's also been an increase in law enforcement on the streets.

Sergeant Eric Friberg with the Reno Police Department says what happens is each local police department needs to meet the demands of the Secret Service by providing the extra help that's needed during a campaign visit.

“We may need traffic, canine, bomb squad things like that to make the candidates safe when they arrive," says Friberg.

On Wednesday when Indiana Governor Mike Pence arrived in Reno, the RPD traffic division lined Rock Boulevard to safely escort his motorcade to the Grand Sierra Resort for his campaign visit. Friberg says the department has doing this more often as more candidates visit Reno.

He says the department budgets in the costs to pay for extra staff during the election season and they also do the best they can to adjust officer's schedules to avoid an excess of overtime funds.

Friberg says RPD could use anywhere from 30% to 50% more units to fill the positions they need during a campaign visit, that way they can also keep their regular staffing up for daily patrols.

“We're just trying to do as much as we can and serve the public as well as we can," says Friberg.

RPD says drivers should always be aware when driving around the city streets, and should be patient if they come across a temporary road closure because of a politician's visit.