A federal grand jury has indicted two people on counterfeit currency charges. The duo was arrested earlier this month in Carson City.

Both 41-year-old Thomas Morla and 37-year-old Yvonne Flores were indicted on Wednesday, May 24th and ordered to remain in jail unti trial. 

“These arrests are a culmination of a yearlong investigation conducted by the Secret Service and our local law enforcement partners,” said Secret Service Resident Agent in Charge George Cheretis. “The extraordinary work of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Deputies was critical to bringing federal charges against both Morla and Flores, who are alleged to have passed and manufactured counterfeit $100 United States currency throughout the northern Nevada region.” 

Carson City Deputies say Morla and Flores were arrested on May 5th, while in possession of stolen vehicle. 

Sheriff’s Office Detectives say they got a search warrant for the motel room where the suspects were staying. In the motel room authorities say Detectives, Deputies, and Secret Service agents discovered the lab that the two suspects were using to manufacture the counterfeit currency. 

Deputies say Morla and Flores are both from the Sacramento area and would frequent the northern Nevada area during the past several months manufacturing and then passing counterfeit currency at local businesses. They say the amount of passed counterfeit currency involved with both of the suspects along with other individuals involved with them is not being disclosed, but was substantial.