You know the feeling: hungry and in a hurry, so to satisfy the urge, you make a quick stop at the drive-through, but that usually leads to some unhealthy eating choices when under pressure.

Doctor Carolyn Dolan is a holistic health coach and says there are some traps fast food joints have including large and enticing pictures that can sway your stomach when under pressure. 

"They have all the pictures of the different foods. Get extra this, extra that, and you're more likely to buy those things," said Dr. Dolan. 

Dr. Dolan say slow down, know what you want, and try and pick the foods that are nutrient rich to avoid what is called a "fake full."

"Because those are nutrient deficient foods and they don't have vitamins and minerals your body requires to run smoothly, you will be hungry again in a few hours and back through that drive-through."

And pick the healthier option if you can. 

"A lot of these fast food chains have healthier options available to you now."

But other times, it just takes some planning. Bring healthy snacks in your car and water to douse the ache in your stomach.

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