Debbie Fajans is the hangover helper. When a late night of partying gets the best of you, Fajans uses IV fluid infusions containing vitamins and minerals to help you during your post-partying pain.

“We help people recover quicker so they can get back to life and living,” said Debbie Fajans, owner of Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions. 

They go to homes, hotels, and even offices to get people back to fully-functioning as possible.

For Madeleine Dart, she knows the drill. "I'm probably going to stick to clear alcohol tonight because dark is sugary."

Clear alcohol and clear IV fluid full of vitamins and minerals is what she says help prevent a hangover.

"So i figured I'd get hydrated before Saint Patrick's Day so that I can enjoy my night and not have a rough day at work the next morning."

For all of you celebrating tonight, a quick B-12 shot before or Fajans’ special antidote after want to keep you from feeling too green.

“IV fluids with magnesium, vitamin B-12 makes 80 percent of migraines disappear.”