It was 2008 when we told you the story of Josh Morros incredible recovery after a dirt bike accident left him in a coma for 24 days and without many of his motor skills.

His return to a normal life is nothing short of a miracle and today, is having a lasting impact on those with brain injuries in our community.

Josh’s mom, Teresa Morros. She founded a program at Double Diamond Athletic Club centered on what they call brain coaching.

Those with brain injuries and neurological conditions can come to work out and regain strengths taken away from them, whether it be walking down stairs or even just standing up. 

"We're helping people like Denny behind me, we'll say it’s time to stand up today and he'll wanna stand up and then he'll waive us off and he'll wanna do it himself and that's our coaching. We're giving them the power to as much on their own as they can,” said Teresa. 

Teresa's passion is obvious. Her son's experience going through rehabilitation treatment showed her there was something missing…A “next step” that provided recovery beyond what insurance companies are willing to pay for. 

"There is extensive rehab out there but insurance doesn’t cover it for certain amounts of time. It's very expensive. We've designed something that is almost having a membership,” said Teresa. 

Josh, he loves working with his mom, even when she puts him in line.

“My mom pulls me aside and says you were there too, you were actually worse," said Josh Morros.

Josh is a model of what can happen when there is determination and support. Steve Cole is suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1981. The clinic is helping him gain muscle in his legs to walk more efficiently.

"It has helped me out with my balance. I used to have no muscle in my leg. My bum leg, and I got muscle in that,” said Cole.     

Their concept: Brain coaching.

Their motto: "I don't care what they can't do, I wanna know what they can do and we start empowering from there," said Teresa.

And their mission: "Not to many people would go out of their way to do this for somebody and you wouldn't believe how much it's helped people, a lot of people,” said Cole.

For more information on the program visit the Brain Recovery Assistance Institute of Nevada website by clicking here