It's not just the mountains and roads being affected by the weather, but the Truckee River as well.

On Saturday, Emil Stockton and the U.S. Geological Survey, used special equipment to measure the river's water flow. They found it to be at its largest peak flow since 2012.

Stockton says this kind of water flow increase was caused by a rain on snow event.

“We had some warm rains come in and fall on the snow pack so it causes elevated flood like conditions,” says Stockton.

Locals were also excited to see the river flowing so well.

Ruth Ebens is a kayaker who moved to Reno from Canada eight years ago, but the recent drought years have put a bit of a strain on her hobby.

She says she’s hopeful that Saturday’s river levels are a sign of good things to come.

"The spike in the river brought me out here, you know I’ve been utilizing all of the snow in the mountains but to see the river come up, I couldn't resist coming out here," says Ebens.