The businesses in Midtown have always supported each other. And so a few months ago when Jessica Schneider, who owns Junkee Clothing Exchange, decided to take her entire staff to Disneyland, everyone who heard about it was onboard. 

"This is the best job I've ever had," said Taylor Garrett who works there. "I'm super duper excited. It's the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me...for an employee...for anyone!"

"They've had a jar on the counter so patrons could help out and there have been a lot of ways to help, " said Taryn Bonato who is a close friend and patron said. "There were artists giving half of what they could make to the cause. And the employees gave of their time with extra shifts. But Jess obviously gave the most to make this happen for them."

And other businesses in Midtown are happily helping out.

Terri Hull works across the street at Sippee's. 

"They could close the store for a week. And you can't hire people for a week or a few days so we're all volunteering for different shifts to help out," Hull said.

"Heck, she was a big part of why we moved Recycled Records to Midtown," said Recycled Record owner Paul Doedge. "And I am forever grateful for that. But she's a good friend and a great lady and I'm excited to be able to help out."

They took off, 13 Junkee employees in an RV Monday morning and will be at Disneyland tomorrow. And they will all be offering to help out if the idea catches on in other businesses in Midtown.