About 500,000 people from 40 different states are in town this week to attend Hot August Nights. And that means a lot of money and business for our area. 

“We're seeing lots of guests come in earlier this year so we've been having a steady flow of guests starting Saturday trying to make it an extended vacation throughout the entire week and we expect it to be just as busy throughout the entire week,” says Tracie Barnthouse, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa publicist. 

The Atlantis says they expect their final rooms to be booked by the end of the night.

And with the typical Hot August Nights attendee going to nearly four days’ worth of events, that means long stays at area hotels.

The economic impact of Hot August Nights is around $250 million. And it isn't just the hotels that are seeing an increase in money and foot traffic, restaurants and auto part shops say this week they'll need to increase inventory and staff for the event.

“I would say at least double on wash and wax, chemicals, things like that,” says Jessie Garcia, assistant manager. 

“We always enjoy the influx of bodies that come in with Hot August Nights, it's a great event bringing tourists in, we see an increase 20% here at the store level,” says Bill Johnson, regional manager. 

For a listing of events, go to http://hotaugustnights.net/