A jury has found Jeremiah Bean guilty of killing four people in Fernley and another person in Mustang in May 2013.

The jury found Bean guilty of five counts of first-degree murder after less than two hours of deliberations inside a court in Yerington, in Lyon County.

"Jeremiah Diaz Bean decided that money, partying, and stealing were more important than anything else," says Lyon County Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Rye.

Bean killed Bob and Dotty Pape at their Jessica Lane home, in Fernley, and later lit their house on fire. Investigators say he stole their truck and drove to Mustang and killed Eliazar Graham. They say he then returned to Fernley and murdered Lester Leiber and Angie Duff at her home on Tamsen Lane.

The biggest question during this week's closing arguments was whether Bean should be convicted of first or second-degree murder. "They were volunteers, veterans, housewives, father, brother, mentor and all that was taken away for no good reason by this defendant."

His defense argued that he should have been found guilty of second degree. partly because of Bean's intelligence level. "There's no deliberations here. There's no weighing of the consequences. We have an individual, who by all accounts, is not very bright."

The district attorney referred to Bean as a cold blooded killer, telling his friends about the first two murders the same day they happened. "What's the defendant's actions from there? Laughing that same day with his friends about what he'd do."

While the defense argued that Bean was part of a pack of jackals and that more people were involved. 

Prosecutors say all of the physical evidence pointed only to Bean, including ballistics, DNA and fingerprints. "What the evidence has shown is that Jeremiah Bean is not part of a pack of jackals. He's not the center of a pack of jackals but rather Jeremiah Bean is a lone wolf."

The penalty phase begins next Tuesday. Since Bean was convicted of first degree murder, he could receive the death penalty.