As our water supply dwindles, area car washes are actually seeing a steady stream of business. In fact, there are lines all over town these days as people wait to drive through car washes. They may cost a few dollars more than washing your car at home, but they are saving on water.

"If you wash a car at home it takes anywhere from 75-100 gallons of water. And that water goes right into the sewer drains," says James Schultz of Jimmy's Car Wash on North McCarran Boulevard in Reno. "If you come to a professional car wash we only use a third of that, 25-30 gallons per car. And while we can't reclaim it all, we do filter and reuse that same water over-and-over again."

That is a draw for those who like convenience and for those who are concerned about cutting water use this summer, like Don Henkes who lives in Lake Tahoe.

"We can't water our lawns, we can't wash off the driveway or wash cars. Heck I only take a shower every other day right now. This is convenient but it also does help," Henkes says.

Mike Hoff of Reno agrees.

"I am a fisherman. The lakes are really low and the river is too. I just bought a house and I plan to xeriscape it, no grass or sprinklers. I've lived here for 20 years and I've never seen it like this," Hoffman said.

Car washes usually see a high flow of business when we have snow. This year the lack of snow and the overall lack of rain is driving business for drought conscious drivers.