A group of historic buildings in Minden is undergoing a major revitalization. When it's complete, a big part of what's currently known as "The Heritage District" will be home to a distillery.

The Minden flour mill and Minden creamery building are being restored, in the latest phase of Christopher Bently's restoration project.

He just finished with the old farmers bank building and now he's turning his attention to two more.  All of the buildings are on the national register of historic places.

"They're a very significant part of the community here, most people recognize this as a landmark, not just historically but emotionally,” says Bently.

Bently grew up in the Carson Valley and says he has always had an appreciation for these buildings. This is why he hopes the revival of the flour mill and creamery building will create a catalyst for more businesses in the area.

"We're looking to do something world class right here in Minden and we want all the eyes of the world to notice that," says Bently.

The distillery will be made up of two separate parts. One for high end, small batch aged whiskeys and the other for bourbons, gin and absinthe. Cary Richardson, the Vice President of Miles Construction, says restoring the structure will be a unique process.

"There's very few structures in the world like it and then to take a process such as this distilling and to put it inside of that structure while maintaining the integrity of the structure and doing it in a sustainable way creates a lot of challenges, it's a lot of fun," says Richardson.

The two partners on the project are working with the state historic preservation office to preserve the buildings historic value.

Miles Construction anticipates the project to be completed in January of 2017.