Lawmakers have passed a bill that would allow ride-hailing companies such as Uber in Nevada and is expected to raise tens of millions of dollars to help a budget shortfall.

Senators voted 18-1 on Monday for Assembly Bill 175, which would create regulations for so-called "transportation network companies" that allow people to hail a ride using a smartphone. 

The bill had failed twice, including a vote on Friday, but today lawmakers voted to rescind that vote, so the bill was able to voted on again and passed. 

Democratic opponents said they didn't immediately trust supporters' assertion that a tax on cab and Uber rides would raise $100 million. 

All Democrats voted in favor of the bill Monday except Sen. Mark Manendo.

Uber briefly operated in Nevada last fall before a judge issued a restraining order against the company, saying it wasn't following rules for taxicabs. (AP)

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