Community leaders honored the survivors of violent crime in our community and the heroes who help them in a candlelight vigil Wednesday night. 

The Alliance for Victims' Rights presented several advocates in the community with awards for their service to victims and families. 

Some victims spoke about their hardships and how local law enforcement helped them get justice, like Jonathan Lowery. 

"I was six years old when my father was murdered, which is the same age as my daughter Lilian. I can only imagine what kinds of things she would face if I was not there to be a part of her life," said Lowery who shared his story of tragedy.

He chose to call it, "A Victim as a Native American Youth".  He wants his story to be an inspiration to victims because he was able to find peace and strength in the hardest of times. 

One of the focuses of the ceremony was to make sure victims had resources available to them.

"Whether it be murder, battery, sexual assaults, things of that nature, we're just there to support in any way that we can," said Justine Hernandez, an advocate for victim rights. 

There are a variety of resources available as support for victims of crime, one of those is the Eddy House. They provide at-risk youth with the tools to overcome hardships in their lives and to get back on the right track. Wednesday night, Lynette Eddy, the founder of the non-profit, received an award for her service.

"It's our passion, we feel it's huge. We need to show these kids that we have their backs and care and we give them the support that they need,” said Eddy. 

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office's, Crimes Against Children Unit was also honored for their dedication. They bring a voice to the victims of crimes and try to aim for lengthy sentences for criminals so that they cannot re-offend. But for law enforcement some cases are harder to get over than others.

"There was one case years ago where a child was abducted in Sun Valley and sexually assaulted. And you know, that's one of those cases that always stays with you,"said  Lt. Tom Green with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement and victim advocates hope that the ceremony and vigil will bring more awareness to the issue of violence and crime in our community.