Temperatures are going up --- plus, we're just a few days away from the first day of spring. Find out why it's important to start watering your lawn early and what water restrictions we can expect this summer.

Landscaping crews have been busy all around town prepping people's homes for the spring and summer months.

Steven Fine with Signature Landscapes says this time of year is always the busiest. He's sending crews out to 900 homes right now, just to get ready for spring. Experts we followed around said now is a good time to start turning on those sprinklers. The process started a little bit early this year, because of a dry winter. "Because of the warmer weather we're starting earlier, getting our systems charged up and ready to go and then the converse side of that is we are extending the season 2 to 3 weeks with water and mowing,” said Fine.

We tagged along with Cesar Marin, who showed us the ropes. "When we winterized it - we took off the filter to allow whatever water to flow out of these. So now we got to make sure it's back on,” said Marin.

As far as what type of plants you should water first, we're told you should focus on trees and shrubs. "They've had a number of months where they haven't gotten a lot of water. So it's kind of bone dry,” said Fine.

Grass is the second priority, for now. In most places the lawn looks dead but Steve says it's just dormant and you don't need to go overboard watering it now. Wait until the beginning of April. "Let it go through that process, the grass is a very healthy and very resilient plant so it looks dry and it looks thirsty but give it a little while,” said Fine.

On Wednesday, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority Board of Directors decided to approve a drought management plan, effective immediately which requires people to save at least 10% of their water use. Water days will remain the same under the new plan. TMWA says the restrictions are the same as last summer. The only difference they are starting at the beginning of the season instead of August so more water can be saved.

Tips on taking care of your landscape are - before you start watering, check your property to make sure there are now any leaks. One leak could make you lose thousands of gallons of water a month, and really hurt your wallet.

You're also going to want to water your lawn once a week in March. By the time we transition into April, you're going to increase the watering to 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the weather.