Tyler Simper is a personal trainer, performance coach, brother, uncle, son and friend. He wants to add one more title to that list, but it will not be easy. Tyler hopes to also hold the title of American Ninja Warrior!

If you have not yet seen American Ninja Warrior, athletes put their strength, speed and endurance to the test in a series of obstacle courses that get increasingly more difficult.

Tyler was one of about 2,000 athletes on the west coast to send in an audition tape and is one of just 130 in the region to get a call back. “When he told me I made it, I wanted to jump out of the chair. I was super stoked!" The Evoke Fitness trainer thinks well-rounded athletes do best on the show. So workouts include more than just weights. “I've been doing a lot of rock climbing, challenging my grip and how well I can climb over things."

Plus, Tyler believes surviving the course also takes heart and a reason to fight. For Tyler, that is his family, who plan to travel down to Southern California to cheer him on. However, one of Tyler's biggest fans will not be there. In 2013, his niece Alysia tragically died. While riding her tricycle in Fernley, she was hit by a car. "To lose my little niece, who was five, to a drunk driver hitting her - it was tough. It was tough for our family. It was tough for myself. I know she's gonna be there."

Along with earning the coveted title of American Ninja Warrior, Tyler wants more than anything to make his family, and the Biggest Little City, proud. "Super stoked to show them who I am and where I'm from." Tyler is down in Venice Beach right now auditioning for the show; he will compete on the obstacle course Friday. Tyler says if the producers like what they see, he will be invited back on Saturday and then the nationwide finals will take place in October in Las Vegas.