Security for flying in this country is tightening up. And your driver's license just may be your ticket to boarding airplanes in the future. Sometime in 2016, the TSA will require you to show a security enhanced driver's license called a Real ID card or a passport to board flights.

"It is a choice," said David Fierro, Public Information Officer for the Department of Motor Vehicles. "It's not mandatory. It's a choice for secured identification. If you use a passport when you're traveling you don't have any problems. If you use your driver's license as identification, you'll need to either apply for the Real ID card or get a passport."

The Real ID has a white star with a gold circle around it in the right top corner of the ID; the regular driver's licenses will be stamped with "Not for Federal Official Use."

"That has caught some people by surprise when they get their licenses in the mail," Fierro said.

To get a Real ID you need to submit original documents proving your identification, your Social Security number and your residence. Usually a birth certificate, a power bill, and a Social Security card fulfill that. But you need to take them with you to the DMV when you apply.

You can find a full list of the documentation options on the DMV's website at