Christmas is less than a week away, which means many shoppers are preparing for the last minute holiday shopping crunch. Stores inside Meadowood Mall are preparing for a high demand from shoppers this holiday weekend. Associates at the mall say Saturday and Sunday may very well be their busiest weekend of the year.

The stores in the mall aren't the only ones getting ready for the big holiday rush. Shoppers are preparing as well. Jason Alavez recently moved to Reno, so he says his shopping has been postponed a bit.

"We've been doing a lot of shopping. We've been here for like 5 hours trying to find everything, I think we're going to have to make another trip," says Alavez.

Managers at the mall say now is the time when all the stores become very busy. Long lines, shopping bags and pictures with Santa have kept mall foot traffic busy from open to close.

Holiday tradition is clearly evident with many of these shoppers as well. Some say, last minute shopping is something they do every year.

Jill McGuire says she likes the holiday cheer she feels when she shops the weekend before Christmas.

"I don't mind it, its fun especially now. The energy is high and everybody is having fun. I'm not one to get Christmas stuff way ahead of time so its good times," says McGuire.