Nevada Chapter of AGC Celebrates 75th Anniversary


The Nevada chapter of the Associated General Contractors is celebrating its 75th anniversary tonight. The AGC been representing Nevada construction companies, since 1939. Those contractors built the Mt. Rose Highway in the 1940s and the McCarran loop in the 1980s. They have also built many of our hospitals, casinos, and schools.

Justin Ivory is the Vice President of the AGC Nevada chapter. He says their goal is to help make changes that will help the people of Nevada.

"A lot of different resources, whether it be safety, whether it be government affairs," Ivory said. "We have a lot of stuff to offer all our members."

AGC negotiates things like wages and working conditions for union contractors. They also lead the effort to pass RTC5, in 2008. The gas tax has created more than $400 million, in road construction, in Washoe County.

"When this area was really starting to hit a decline, RTC5 money kicked in and kept a lot of guys busy in this area," Ivory said.

Reno-Tahoe Construction is a member of AGC. They've done the digging and utility work for many of Reno's largest buildings.

"They've been our life line, really," Fred Reeder, President of Reno-Tahoe Construction said. "They keep us involved in, not only the networking opportunities but we're always current on what new regulations, what new hoops we gotta jump through."

AGC also lobbied the legislature to allow charter schools, in Nevada, and helped start ACE High School, 13 years ago. The charter school offers students a hands-on education for a variety of trades.

"They're really great to ACE High School because we're an engineering/construction high school and they do a lot for us," Leigh Berdow, Director of ACE High School said. "But they really support all of education."

The construction industry has grown by nearly 13% in the past year. And Ivory says he expects things to boom in the coming years -- offering some much-needed work for contractors.

"All their subcontractors have employees," Ivory said. "Those employees, you can see them. They're out there coaching your kid's softball, soccer, stuff like that. All those guys are great for the community."

The local AGC helped with charitable building projects like the Veterans Guest House, the Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club, and the YMCA of the Sierra, among others. They also established the contractor's auxiliary that provides equipment and manpower during emergencies like flooding.

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