A delegation of German lawmakers is in Reno meeting with our local leaders. Tuesday, they got a tour of the University of Nevada campus.


The German delegation is here as part of an exchange program they do every year to share ideas and solutions for both countries.


Germany and the U.S. have similar political structures so both sides say they have a lot to learn from one another.

"Your example of democracy has been an example for all the European countries and states so far,” says legislator Clemens Reif.

Karl Kurtz adds, "we have a lot of things in common, and it's very valuable to engage in dialogue with federal partners in other countries."


The German legislators took a tour of some of the campus highlights like the Knowledge Center and the earthquake lab.


Reif says it is interesting to see how American universities work since the system is very different in Germany. There, he says there is more of a focus on technical training and apprenticeships, whereas here, there is more of an emphasis on research and a wider variety of topics to study.

"It isn't comparable. There are advanced things here in the U.S. we should have in Germany, and there are advanced things in Germany you should have in the U.S.,” says Reif.


Some of the American participants told us they've been discussing issues like immigration policy and workforce development hoping to get some ideas from the Germans to apply here.