The University of Nevada is celebrating signing some incoming freshmen, but not because of their athletic abilities. These students are being recruited to the university because of their strong academics.   

One senior at the Davidson Academy signed his letter of intent to study at the University of Nevada. He says the academic program they offered him was hard to beat.

"I've always been interested in medicine, since I was very young, and I just, this is pretty much my dream. So I have worked hard to achieve it."

Austin Shinagawa is one of six students in Northern Nevada to be admitted to the BS MD program which is an accelerated track through undergrad - and straight into medical school at the University of Nevada.

It's a prestigious program that takes the stress of med school applications off the table. And Shinagawa is exactly the type of student the university is trying to lock down-- they want more National Merit Scholars, Presidential Scholars and other top performers who can raise the bar in Nevada overall.

"You don't want to be a brain drain state. So it's important that we have academic institutions that will attract our best students to stay here in Nevada and hopefully we will have jobs for them when they get out of school," says University President Marc Johnson.

Today was just the first of seven academic signings the university is putting on this month.


A big congratulations to all of those students.

Written by Arianna Bennett