The Carson City School District is giving all middle school students laptops for learning. It's part of a new technology program to improve education in schools. 

Many students at Carson Middle School received their laptops on Friday. The goal for the district is to find new innovative ways to teach kids and improve their education experience. Teachers we spoke with say the new laptops help keep the students engaged and more involved in the classroom. 

We talked to Mackenzie Wilson, a sixth grader at Carson Middle School who said she was very excited to get her laptop today. Mackenzie is just one of 1,700 middle schoolers in the Carson City School District who are getting the new computers.

Mr. Greenlee's math class has already been using the laptops for three days and he says he's already starting to see learning improvements. "Obviously we're talking about 21st century learners. You know there are jobs out there where you don't need technology anymore but not many," said Greenlee.

Students are grouped together to simulate a "real life" work scenario. Each student is assigned their own laptop they can take home which comes with their own Internet connection to help with homework assignments. "It's been working really well. I get to talk with my classmates and ask questions to them about it and it's been a really good experience," said Autumn Rupapaugh.

"A lot of people are going to be able to get their grades up with it and just check their grades and how they're doing at home," Vidalia Pacheco.

The superintendent said having the laptops is also more efficient for teachers. "A student was able to actually take the test on the computer, answer the questions, score it and it went to the teachers grade book all in one step," said Richard Stokes.

Computers are used in almost every subject. Staff members say giving laptops to all students helps level the playing field for kids who may not be able to afford them.

Last year this was just a pilot program with a few teachers, now the Carson City School District is planning to expand the laptop program to reach even more students. Third, fourth and fifth graders will receive laptops in the fall and high school students will get them next January.

So far the cost of the entire program has reached around $472,000. Most of which has been paid by private donors. The district plans to monitor test scores to see how much students have improved with the new computers. We will keep you posted on those results.

Written by Chloe Beardsley