Stephen's fishing trip on Lake Tahoe with friends a week and a half ago turned up more than a few Mackinaw. He snagged what he originally thought was a cell phone. It turned out to be a waterlogged camera and the memory card was still good.

"I couldn't believe that it worked!" says Jamie Clark who has a personal passion for photography herself and knew how important it would be to get the pictures back to their taker.

"I went through the photos and saw that the school teams were from Utah, talked to a friend there and began posting them on Facebook." 

She made the right connection and found the owner. Jana Levitre has been on vacation and dropped the camera while sailing on Lake Tahoe in September of 2011.

"I couldn't believe anyone found it," Levitre said. "I mean it had been so long I'd chalked it up to learning a lesson, because I hadn't even downloaded many of those pictures. I really figured they were gone."

So, Jamie Clark and Stephen Garnett are working on getting the camera and its contents back to its owner.

"And imagine," said Levitre. "It wasn't even found by like a scuba diver, but caught like a fish. That's a great story for me...and for that fisherman!"

Written by Erin Breen