Three suspects accused of participating in a retail theft ring involving local retail stores are behind bars.

Sparks Police say back on January 9th, Christine Alpert, Timothy Bohannan and Matthew Handschuh went into the Target at the Legends at Sparks Marina and broke into a cabinet. Police say they used keys stolen from Reno Target earlier in the day during the robbery.

When the keys didn't work, they used a Dremel Moto Tool to try and cut the locks off. When that didn't work, they kicked and broke the cabinet open. Police say they then took 11 iPads and left the store.

Police say Bohannan was identified as the main suspect in a series of thefts. He was found at the Gold Dust Motel in Carson City on Thursday. That same day, Handschuh was located at the El Dorado Motel in Reno. Then, on Friday, Alpert was found and arrested near the Musician Rehearsal Center on Dunn Circle in Sparks. Police say she was found to have been in possession of several stolen items from the Marshall's store on East Plumb Lane in Reno. She also had a federal warrant out for her arrest from the U.S. Marshals Office. Police do not have information on the warrant. 

The three are charged with burglary, conspiracy and participating in an organized retail theft ring.

Police say this investigation continues and they anticipate more arrests.

Anyone with information about this group or their activities are being asked to contact the Sparks Police Department Crime Suppression Unit at (775) 353-2450 or the department's dispatch at (775) 353-2231.