Tighter regulations for businesses in California seems to be pushing more and more businesses to Nevada. And the latest is a ban on foie gras which has a burgeoning internet business for that gourmet food growing here in Reno.

"I have nearly doubled my business here this past year," said Lauren Pine, who moved her company Mirepoix, USA from Northern California to Reno this past year. "And this is just the beginning. I have lots of ways to expand."

Pine sells gourmet foods on the internet. And while foie gras is banned for sale and for production in California, she's now initiating the distribution from Reno instead. And while she only has one employee right now, she hopes to expand and be hiring in the year to come.

"It's just one more thing we can market to tourists coming to this area," says Ben McDonald with the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority. "Once Northern Californians realize they really don't have to drive far to get it, we feel they'll come. And they are. They can just add it to the amenities here, the skiing, the gaming, and the food."

Local restaurants have had it available here for years, but say they did see a spike in orders for the delicacy over the holidays and expect it will become even more popular as Californians come this way.

As for Pine, she says she's happy to be here in Reno. She says she's already working on local partnerships with restaurants and other specialty foods stores, but knows her real opportunity is in selling on the internet and she says Nevada's business climate is an obvious draw as more and more regulations go into effect in California.

Written by Erin Breen