Getting pregnant is an emotional and financial challenge for thousands of couples. Just ask Amanda Schlatter. She and her husband, Chris, got married in 2005 and started trying to have a family right away. After months of being disappointment, they sought medical advice. The news wasn't good. "I was diagnosed with cysts on my ovaries and when I had a surgery to remove one of the cysts and during the surgery they diagnosed me with endometriosis. Then I was diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube."

Amanda and Chris' bills piled up. And doctors told them the only chance of having a baby was through invetro fertilization, something they couldn't afford. So seven years into the process of trying to start a family, Amanda came across a website called It's a charitable organization that helps couples like the Schlatters pay for IVF and other fertility treatments. "BabyQuest was just a miracle. It was just the miraculous discovery that changed our entire world. As soon as BabyQuest came into our life, everything started going right for us. It was just such a blessing."

BabyQuest is the brainchild of a mother and daughter team who saw first-hand the pain infertility can cause a couple. Because of their compassion for other families, they created BabyQuest in the hopes of giving out at least three grants a year depending on funding. 

And the deadline to apply for a grant is November 15th, next Thursday.  For more information, go to

Written By Wendy Damonte