Last June, Bally Technologies and International Game Technology were given the first online gaming licenses in Nevada.

3G Studios is a local video game company that has applied for one as well.

James Kosta, the CEO of 3G said they and the Eldorado have teamed up, in hopes of providing online poker as soon as this spring.

"What we are looking forward to is two, three, or four years from now at a federal level, you'll be able to start gambling on casual games and arcade games with your friends."

Kosta said online gaming is the next step for the gaming industry. He envisions betting on sports from your iPhone and eventually, even throwing down a $1-$2 dollar on the cell phone game Words With Friends.

There are still some hurdles at the federal level, however. Online gaming has not been given the nod by Congress. Although, last night in the Senate debate between Dean Heller and Shelley Berkley, Heller said they will pass legislation by the end of the year to legalize online gaming.

I asked Kosta what he would say to those who say he is wrong for supporting gambling and wanting to offer it online.

"When people contain themselves within that box and decide they're going to spend $10 an hour gambling or $50 an hour gambling, whatever they can afford that's responsible, then it absolutely is a form of entertainment."

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Written by Chris Ciarlo