Ann Romney shakes hands with her left after having minor surgery on her right hand last week.

Once seated, she's immediately tended to by her hair and makeup ladies. She says she never wanted her life to be like this. But she's motivated to campaign because of her main worry if President Barack Obama is re-elected.

"I think all Americans should be worreid if he's re-elected because this economy has been under his control for the last four years and we've seen no jobs. It's been a jobless recovery."

But she also has worries should her husband become president.

"I think my biggest worry would be for his mental well being. I have all the confidence in the world of his ability, his decisiveness, his leadership skills, his understand of the economy, his understanding of what's missing right now. The pieces that are missing to get the jump started. So for me I think it would be the emotional part of it."

As a person who lives with MS and is a breast cancer survivor, she says awareness of these diseases will be a main goal if she becomes First Lady.

"Bring awarness of MS and breast cancer but beyond that making sure all children in this country know they are loved. There's a lot of kids in this country that fall through the cracks."

She went on to say she hasn't been a part of any of the upcoming debate prep because with all the campaigning, she and her husband aren't together very much right now.

Written by Wendy Damonte