Ann Romney campaigned in Reno Thursday for her husband's presidential bid.

The Republican candidate's wife told an outdoor crowd of more than 500 at Bartley Ranch they already know Mitt Romney is a capable, competent man. She says her job is to share the "caring piece" of her husband that she knows best.

During her informal speech, she mentioned her husband many times, even retelling a story about visiting a young boy with cancer at a hospital. Says the boy wanted Mitt to give his eulogy at his funeral. "Mitt is a person who cares. That's why we are running, because we care….he does not fail. As president of the United States, he will not fail." The crowd cheered in response.

Romney said accusations that he doesn't care about others or is "above it all" or "can't relate" are off base. She said he has a good heart and "does things for the right reasons."

At another point, she admitted she didn't know where her sons and husband were currently campaigning. An audience member then yelled ‘fighting Obama!'

She replied, "We will win this state."

KTVN's Wendy Damonte spoke with Ann Romney after today's rally. We will air that interview during Thursday night's Channel 2 News at 5pm.

Her son, Craig Romney will hold a Hispanic Dialogue in Reno with former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin on Friday morning. It's not open to the public.

Afterwards, he will speak at the grand opening of the Team Nevada office in East Las Vegas.

Her husband campaigned today in Virginia, denouncing the across-the-board defense spending cuts scheduled to take effect in January under a deal between President Obama and Congress. Romney says it was a "strange proposal" -- and that it's "even stranger that we're seeing it being put into place."

Romney says it's "unthinkable" that the U.S. would cut its commitment to the military in a world that remains "troubled and dangerous."

Romney and other Republicans have tried to blame Obama for the defense cuts, especially in Virginia. But the GOP overwhelmingly backed the reductions when Congress passed the legislation in August 2011.


Meanwhile, President Obama appealed to veterans and military families in defense-focused southeast Virginia, casting himself as a president who is ending foreign entanglements and aiding returning soldiers with educational opportunities.

Obama chided rival Romney for saying, in secretly taped remarks months ago, that nearly half of Americans believe they are victims entitled to government help.

Obama said instead of victims, he sees veterans who have served "with bravery and distinction" and military families wondering if loved ones will "come home safe and sound." Obama was introduced by Sen. Jim Webb, a conservative Virginia Democrat who is a former Marine and Navy Secretary.

President Obama's visit this weekend to Nevada will include a speech at a Las Vegas high school.

The event set for Sunday evening at Desert Pines High School kicks off a three-day stay in southern Nevada, where Obama will prepare for next Wednesday's presidential debate in Colorado. Campaign officials say the debate preparations will take place at an undisclosed location in Henderson.

It will be Obama's ninth appearance in Nevada this year.

And on Thursday we learned that First Lady Michelle Obama will visit Reno on Wednesday, October 3rd - the same day as the first presidential debate (in Denver.) No other details have been released at the time of this writing.

Nevada is a key battleground state in the upcoming election.

Early voting in Nevada begins on Saturday, October 20 – through November 6th.

Here are some other key dates to remember:

• October 6: Online Voter Registration Closes
• October 16: In Person Voter Registration Closes
• October 20: Early Vote Begins
• November 2: Early Vote Ends
• November 6: ELECTION DAY

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