The 23-year-old Sparks man who hit and killed KTVN Sports Director JK Metzker last fall was sentenced to probation and community service.

Judge Brent Adams handed down the sentence to Ryan Rhea Friday morning inside Washoe District Court. Rhea pleaded guilty to one count of felony hit and run in April.

Metzker died last November after being hit by a car on North Virginia Street after a home Nevada football game.

Metzker's widow, Jaimie, had previously asked for leniency for Rhea. Jaimie said she forgives Rhea. I asked her, why.

"I'm a Christian and that's what we're taught to do. You know, the Bible and God says forgive. He's the ultimate judge. I can't be the judge. I have forgiven him and my boys have forgiven him."

Jaimie said the toughest part about being in the courtroom today was hearing about the scene of the accident and how it all happened that night.

Rhea did read a statement, apologizing to Jaimie and the family.

Part of Rhea's probation requires him to help the Metzker family. Jaimie said they will take him up on that.

"Ryan is more than willing to come and help. I do need that. There's a lot of things in or around the house I need help with."

I asked Jaimie, what would JK say to Ryan Rhea if he had a moment with him.

"I really don't know. Jk was a really funny man. I'm sure he's make some joke about it, like why weren't you paying attention or look up or something. I don't think he would be mad or want revenge."

If you'd like to share your condolences, you can post them on Facebook at or mail them to the Metzker family in care of KTVN-TV, 4925 Energy Way, Reno, NV 89502.

Written by Chris Ciarlo