Arianna Bennett
Channel 2 News

Did you know that thousands of Northern Nevadans don't have the ability to recycle at their homes? It's a fact that one local high school student discovered, and plans on changing right away.

Ikya Kandula is a student at the Davidson Academy, and when she did some research on recycling in our area, she found out that almost all of the major apartment complexes in the Truckee Meadows don't have recycling programs. So, she's taking the cause to the City Council.

"We thought we'd start a petition," Kandula said, "so the City Council can see how many people are actually interested in apartment recycling, because it is a big deal."

And it turns out, a lot of people are interested. Just in the last two weeks, Kandula has gotten 200 signatures on the petition. Her goal is 1,000.

She lives in an apartment complex, and her family has to drive their recyclables elsewhere, or just throw them away. Like Kandula, 40 percent of Reno residents live in apartment complexes or condos, and only six of those complexes provide recycling capabilities.

That translates to a lot of extra trash going into the landfill-- a reality Kandula says is unacceptable for Northern Nevada, where we lead the nation in other kinds of green technology.

"We need to have recycling in Reno, because that's one of the only things we don't have," Kandula said. "We have a geothermal plant, we have solar energy, and we don't have recycling, which should be basic."

You can sign the petition or get more information on the project at