Chris Ciarlo
Channel 2 News

As many of you know, JK Metzker was hit by a car while crossing north Virginia Street late Saturday night and passed away on Sunday. Sadly, his death is simply adding to a bad year for pedestrian accidents.

"Last year at this time, we were sitting at one pedestrian fatality," said Sgt. Stegmaier. This year, we're sitting at ten. So, we are looking at that kind of trying to determine how we could prevent this. What we're seeing is it's either the pedestrian or the motorist just not paying attention at the time of the accident."

Sgt. Stegmaier said they have been doing all they can to get the word out about driver and pedestrian safety. In fact, earlier this year, RPD received a $38,000 grant from the Office of Traffic Safety. The goal was to target pedestrian safety and educate everyone on how important it is to be aware.

Sgt. Stegmaier said this time of year, you need to be extra careful out on the road.

"As winter approaches and it starts getting darker earlier, it's just really vital that motorists take that extra second as they're driving down the street to be on the look out for pedestrians."