Saint Mary's offers several classes to help manage your disease and keep you healthy. Some of Saint Mary's Health Enhancement classes include:

Breathe Easy
A tobacco cessation class that helps you recognize your triggers, create an individualized quit plan, identify a support system and plan to prevent relapse.

Healthy Nutrition for Life
Research shows that eating well not only helps you feel your best, but can decrease your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Taught by a registered dietician, Healthy Nutrition for Life is a six-part program designed for those who desire to improve their eating habits and maintain a healthy weight.

Cooking and Shopping Savvy
A registered dietician will provide participants with practical tips for fast and healthy cooking. Current healthy recipe publications will be reviewed as well as instructing participants how to modify their favorite recipes to decrease the fat, salt and calories. This class includes a cooking demonstration and of course, tasting, in-depth discussions on how to efficiently shop for the healthiest products, how to decipher true nutritional value from the label and a virtual grocery store tour.

Executive Health and Wellness
Designed for people with busy schedules and offering a comprehensive physical examination by an internal medicine physician, this program is packaged with a wide array of age-specific diagnostic tests and assessments-all completed in one morning. A registered nurse assists you during the entire process, which includes a visit to your home or business to draw your blood prior to the day of the physical. Following your morning examination and tests, the physician will personally review the tests with you and will make recommendations regarding follow-up healthcare options. With emphasis on prevention and early detection, these evaluations may reveal unsuspected medical conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol or cancer. Call 775-770-3509 for more information.

Health Screenings
Saint Mary's offers a wide variety of affordable health screenings and immunizations at our Community WellChecks to help identify risk factors and refer individuals into appropriate follow up care. Screenings include various blood tests, such as a comprehensive metabolic panel with a lipid profile, to measure blood levels to determine those at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, circulation disorders or potential liver problems. Additional tests are available. 

For more information on these or any of Saint Mary's Health Management classes call: 775-770-6210.