Specialized Physical Exam

Straight Leg Raise
This tests for nerve root irritation. If the spinal nerve is inflamed, stretching it will cause pain that goes down the leg.
Reflex Testing
Reflexes are usually one of the first things to show changes if there is any nerve root injury

Diagnostic Testing

MRI and X-ray review
MRI is the best test to see soft tissues problems like discs and nerves
X-Ray and CT scans are the best test to see bone problems
Diagnostic Injection
Injections of the muscle and bursa (sacs between the tendons and bones) can be done in the office to determine if there is a non-spinal problem
EMG Nerve Tests
Using a special machine in the office, we can determine if there is any significant nerve root damage.

Therapeutic Intervention

Spinal Injections
These are done in outpatient surgery centers under X-ray guidance to ensure proper needle placement and minimize discomfort. The X-ray guidance makes the procedures both safe and easy
Physical Therapy
This helps resolve any residual pain and promotes the natural healing process
We strive to have the therapy done close your house and also make sure that it is a location that is covered by your insurance

Recovery Phase

Home Exercise Program
These are postural, stretching, and exercises that you learn as part of your therapy so that you can continue to do therapy on your own
Return to Active Lifestyle
The goal is to get you back to the activities that you enjoyed before the symptoms started