Is Dr. Burke Different Than A Chiropractor?
Yes, Dr. Burke is a medical doctor who specializes in non-operative treatments of Back & Neck Pain along with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome... » more info
What Are Trigger Points?
Abnormal ongoing spasms of the muscles, which often occur after a muscle injury. Read more at the "Why Does My Back Hurt" section under Myofascial Pain... » more info
Why Does My Back Hurt?
Strain or sprain of the muscles and tendons of the spine... » more info
Why Do My Hands Go To Sleep?
It is caused by compression of the Median Nerve as it goes through the wrist... » more info
Are We On Your Insurance List?
Silver State Spinecare patients are injured in a variety of ways including work injuries, auto accidents, or just going through life. Work Comp insurances, auto insurance liens and most health insurance plans are all accepted forms of payment... » more info
Has Silver State Spinecare been in the news?

Yes we have.

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