Frequently Asked Questions

Where do ideas come from? How can I take these ideas from a creative thought into a powerful visual message? It takes open minds open to new ideas. It takes experienced people to creatively solve problems. Finally, it takes the right equipment to bring these ideas from concept to finished product.

What are your edit suites like? We have state of the art edit suites to service you and your client. We feature a digital non-linear edit solution using Media100s 844x, Adobe's Premiere Suite and StrataSphere by Accom.

Are you  set up for digital? We are digital. Our post suites are digital, and have been for over ten years. We also have a state-of-the-art digital control room featuring a Philips 4-ME digital switcher, a Wheatstone stereo audio console, a Pinnacle FXDeko character generator and Teleprompter.  In 2002, our live control rooms were converted to digital equipment, making Channel 2 one of the most modern television studios in the region.

Is Channel 2 capable of producing a multi-camera live-to-tape program? Yes, we have 3 digital Ikegami HK-387 cameras capable of producing multi-camera live-to-tape program.

What tape formats do you use? We shoot on digital BetaSX which is superior to BetaSP because it has SDI in/out, higher resolution, more color saturation and is more light sensitive. However, we can accept BetaSP, Beta, DVD, 1-inch and 3/4 inch for editing.

Isn't your Creative Services Team part of the News staff? How will you find time for me? Our Creative Services Team is an entity all it's own. We have 2 full-time commercial producers and 1 full time commercial photographer dedicated solely to commercial production.

Exactly what part of the commercial production does Channel 2 do? We offer a full range of services including shooting, editing, writing, graphics, animation and other specialty items. With all these services, channel 2 takes care of your commercial production from start to finish.

Why should I choose the Channel 2 Creative Services Team over another? Award winning Producers, Directors and Editors with years of creative problem solving experience, dedicated solely to the creation of dynamic commercials, videos and television programming. We have a full studio, control room and EFP capabilities along with script writing and high end 3D animation. Basically, any project you dream, KTVN Creative Services can help make it a reality.