"We have advertised on Channel 2 for many years and have always found the staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional. The results have always been very good as our phone rings right away! Thank you for being our partner and helping to bolster our business...PS. Tiffani (KTVN Account Executive) is the ‘Best'."
Bill Hale, President; Sun-Kist Home Improvements

"Channel 2 has created credibility for our business. The Sales Team is wonderful - it makes advertising effortless for us. They know what I want, and they do it to my specifications. When my customers come through the door, and say, "Oh! I saw your commercial on television!", then I know it works."
Patty LaDue, Owner; Sun Leisure Pools & Spas

"Fantastic, I've been very pleased with the Channel 2 Sales Team. It is primarily the reason why I use Channel 2. Video recruitment in general, I also think is also a very good avenue to go down for a company that has recruiting needs. And I think it's typically something that a company doesn't think to use."
Tom Cherry, Director of Business Development; Inter-Tel Technologies, Inc.

"KTVN has really helped bring in the younger generation. The people that are buying their first homes have come in. I like television advertising because you can see the product, people see the color, they see the product and they want to come in and get it. I've always had a good experience with the sales team. Everybody's friendly, likeable."
Janet Lackey, Manager; The Garden Shop

"I've really had very good success and have enjoyed working with the Channel 2 Sales Team. We saw a dramatic increase in our business when we decided to concentrate heavily on television advertising and it had very good positive results for our business. We've got all the advantages of all the otmediadias combined and rolled up into one good package."
Larry Duerr, Owner; Nevada Power Products

"As a first time advertiser, Channel 2 was really great. The commercial was really inexpensive for what you get and the amount of time they spend with you. I always thought that television advertising was pretty expensive, and it is not that way. I thought Channel 2 was great overall. I'll do it again in a heartbeat."
Russell G. Weston, President; R.G. Weston Private Security Services

“We have seen a number a new patients just within the last 3 weeks-all referred from people seeing our commercial! I ran a report and we have had 36 people in for implant consultations just since October!  Dr. Caffaratti has been so pleased with the audience we have been able to reach and I find that more and more people are using the commercial and then going online to do a little bit more research on our office.  I have been asking my new patients what it was that grabbed their attention and it turns out its repetition, they needed to see it at least 3 times and then the specific wording was the second thing that caught their attention. It wasn't just another dentist advertising, it was specific to what people want to know more about-how to replace missing teeth!...I get comments from our existing patients all the time about how they had no idea Dr. Caffaratti even did dental implants, until they saw our commercial.
Lindsay Wilson, Treatment Coordinator, Dr. Caffaratti, D.D.S.

TV has always been effective in bringing in customers to our restaurants. The results for us have always been immediate. We have tried every other medium including radio and newspaper, however TV has proven to be our best form of advertising, particularly Channel 2. Channel 2 has been easy to work with and always accommodating. Tiffani Rankin at Channel 2 has been our rep for 15+ years and through 3 restaurants with us. She has proven to be honest and is proactive in placing our advertising to get US the best results.
Steve and Judy, Owners, OPA