Roberta Ferguson was diagnosed with dementia three years ago, but her and her husband Neal have been trying to live their best life since," we have a wide circle of friends and have found them to be so supportive," explains Neal. "I am living it day-by-day. I am not depressed, I go to these meetings and I get a lot of energy from them," says Roberta.

Those meetings, are Dementia Friendly Nevada. This group aims on educating businesses and community partners on the signs of dementia, how to treat and help someone living with it in hopes they will be respectful and supportive. "Grocery stores, libraries we want people to be supported to continue being a valuable member in Washoe County," says volunteer Laura Johnson. 

Dementia Friendly Nevada says that there is over 64,000 people with dementia living in Washoe County. This group hopes to help those living with it be independent and have a voice in our community. "It is not about people living with dementia and their care partners. It is about all of us in the community doing their part," says Johnson. 

To find out more about Dementia Friendly Nevada and how you can volunteer or find out their next outreach event visit: