Interstate 80 closed for extended periods several times in the last two weeks, and that's forced companies like ITS Logistics to drastically change how they transported goods west.

Director of Floor Operations for ITS Logistics Randy Perkins says of the 350 shipments they had over the weekend, between 150 and 200 were forced to take a route other than Interstate 80.

"It depends on what the customer expectation was and what  their needs were," Perkins says. "If they needed it to be done we found a way to make it happen. If it was more cost-effective to wait out the storm, we did that for customers also."

For those alternate routes, drivers sometimes detoured as far south as Las Vegas, so they brought in more of their workforce to handle the longer trips.

"We actually put two drivers in the same cab to make sure we were able to drive nonstop going around the storm," Perkins says.

In the business of transporting goods, Perkins says it's more about customer satisfaction that the bottom line at times like these.

"Most of the time in times of need with our customers the money not necessarily the biggest thing," Perkins says. "The most important thing is making sure that the expectation is met."

While re-routing trucks added hundreds of workforce hours to the payroll, ITS Logistics had extra shipments come in due to the storm.

"We got a call from one of our largest customers that we represent and one of their other larger careers had fallen off a dedicated lane for them," Perkins says. "[They] reached out to us to provide the service for them. We in turn provided 65 shipments to be covered between Friday and Sunday for them. That was an emergency reshipment."

Perkins says changing plans is just a part of their business. Although snowy conditions can add to the number of moving parts, it can create business opportunity as well.

"The transportation industry in it of itself there are a lot of adjustments that have to take place day in and day out," Perkins says. "You compound that with weather restrictions and weather delays, it causes this need that maybe we can fill that void for when others can't."