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Changing their insurance provider is a move that drivers have to analyze it carefully. There are many reasons for drivers to change their insurance company, from unfair premiums, up to rude and unsatisfactory customer support. Drivers that want to switch their carriers should consider following these steps:

  • Choose the best time to make the change. The ideal time for switching carriers is three to four weeks before policy renewal. This will guarantee the policyholders have enough time to find a policy and to qualify for an early shopper discount.
  • Buy coverage before dropping the current provider. Insurance lapses can be costly, not only when drivers have accidents, but also if their state's laws penalize registered cars without continuous coverage.
  •  Consider major life events. Drivers can change their insurance carrier at any time, but some changes in their lives can make the switch to happen earlier. Important life events, like getting married, moving to a better neighborhood, or the purchase of a better safer vehicle can make the policyholders save money on their premiums.
  • Check if there are penalties for switching the carrier or associated costs. Some insurers will charge the policyholders an early cancellation fee. If they stayed with the same insurer for some years, and they decide to cancel their policy, drivers will lose their loyalty discount. Some insurance carriers will offer discounts for new drivers, and a part of the loses that are incurred by switching providers can be compensated.
  • Drivers should consider canceling their old policy in writing. Their old insurance company may ask for the new policy number so that the authorities will know they are continuously covered.
  • Confirm cancellation and ask for a refund. Policyholders should make sure their old insurance company confirms the cancellation. Otherwise, the old insurance company will automatically renew their policy and cancel them for nonpayment. Policyholders can get a refund for their unused premium if they cancel early.

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