Hazardous Road Conditions:

  • Sparks Police say please avoid York WY/Goldy Dr, York WY/Glen Vista Dr, York Wy to Raploh Ct, Glen Vista Dr, and Glen Vista Dr from Howard to Glen Valley Dr.
    • Due to significant flooding

Road Closures:

9:40 P.M.

  • Both Carson Spur and Carson Pass are closed. No ETO.

7:35 P.M.

  • I-80 is closed in both directions due to collisions and low visibility. 

7:25 P.M.

  • Caltrans reports they are turning all traffic along I-80 to clear many spinouts on the Interstate. EB being turned at Drum, WB being turned at the Nevada state line and Truckee. SR 20 EB being turned at Nevada Street. No ETO.